A unique scavenger hunt in Sudbury aims to get people out exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors. The event includes an educational element about Indigenous traditions and teachings, in particular the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

The idea was developed by the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre in the pandemic.

"(It) just clicked with me using our Seven Grandfather Teachings and they are a basic principal of how Anishinaabe people should be governing themselves," said Jordan Assinewe, a health promoter at the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre. "And I though it worked perfect especially with the beginning of the pandemic and everyone's world getting turned upside down and I wanted to incorporate culture into the scavenger hunt."

Another aim is to get people to connect with nature.

"We have this symbiotic relationship with the land around us and in many ways have that need to connect and for many people it's important for their holistic health, mental health spiritual health to just make that connection, be present, get away from your screen time," said Dmitri Ashawasegai, another health promoter at the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre.

Scattered throughout seven urban and remote trails in Sudbury are unique rocks, each featuring each one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

"We are told as Anishinaabe people if we follow these values and these virtues that we will be able to live a good life and be happy. And in many ways our culture is centred around being able to take care of yourself and those around you," added Ashawasegai.

People can participate until July 18th.

There are two paddle boards as prizes, one for 16 years of age and under and another for 17 and up.

Details are on the health centre's Facebook page.