SAULT STE. MARIE -- More than a year into the pandemic, gyms in Ontario are closed yet again and for many, staying fit has become increasingly difficult.

But two fitness experts in Sault Ste. Marie are sharing their tips for staying active, which really boils down to the basics.

"The biggest thing that people can do right now is find external accountability," said Chris Cooper, owner of Catalyst Fitness and Two-Brain Business, a mentorship company designed for gym owners. "Could be somebody who will text you every day and say, 'did you do your workout today?' It could just be a friend doing that for you."

Cooper said many of his clients have turned to their peers and friends to help keep them on track while access to his gym isn't available.

He said trainers at his facility are also offering that accountability and mentorship to those who lack it in their lives outside the gym.

"That kind of follow up and human connection is more important than ever right now," Cooper said. "That's really our job, more than giving people treadmills to use, it's really coaching, accountability."

Accountability is a word to live by, said one runner in the Sault.

"By getting out every single day, it just kind of, keeps me going," said Jonathan Mogg.

Mogg has set his sights on running every single street the Sault has to offer as his goal this year.

While that goal is ambitious, for those looking just to keep fit, his advice for goal-setting isn't much different.

"Starting small, get outside and have some walks, get some fresh air," he said. "Just try monitoring how many steps you're doing in a day, I think that's the easiest way to get started."

Both experts emphasize that patience is also an important virtue when modifying your home workout routines.