SUDBURY – Two professors, including one from Laurentian University, have spent over 10 years researching children's emotional development and have come out with a book.

The Francophone book explores emotions in a way that children can understand.

"The book is called 'Les émotions : Comment mieux les comprendre'. In English it would be 'Emotions and how to explain them'. We created the book to try and teach emotion comprehension to young children,"explained Co-Author Joanne Quenneville.

It features nine stories that highlight the characteristics of emotional experiences for children age's three to 12 and is the result of psychology research projects.

"Joy, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise… the basic emotions. We also have some books based on the more complex components… for example the missed emotions. So how it's possible to feel happy and sad at the same time," she added.

"Gaining vocabulary and all of the pre-requisites to learning to read to count all of those were important for kids to be better at school, but we now notice in the literature that their emotion skills are also very important so not just to have friends and to communicate well with their teachers, but also to gain academic knowledge," says Annie Roy-Charland, Researcher.

The group says a lot of the literature and research done on emotions is only available in English, which is why it was so important that the book was created in French.

The book is not available for purchase, however it can be rented at all libraries in Sudbury, and a PDF version can be found on Laurentian's website.