We continue our profiles of the ridings that make up northeastern Ontario in the upcoming provincial election and next up is Nickel Belt.

This large riding has been held by the New Democratic Party since 1971 and encompasses parts of Greater Sudbury, but not the city itself.

It stretches all the way through the Killarney area in the south and as far north as Timmins.

The incumbent in the riding is the NDP's France Gelinas, who has represented Nickel Belt voters since 2007.

She's been her party's health and pharmacare critic for a year and a half, before that she served as the deputy house leader.

Also running:  

Ontario Liberal candidate Tay Butt, who is a consultant for a Sudbury-based technology firm.

Running for the Ontario PC Party is Jo-Ann Cardinal, who has lived in various communities in the area and is an educational communications specialist.

Carrying the banner for the Ontario Green Party is Laurentian University associate professor Willam “Bill” Crumplin.

The Consensus Party is running Kevin Brault in Nickel Belt, who is a lifelong resident of Valley East.

Bailey Burch-Belanger is on the ballot for “None of the above direct democracy party.”

James Chretien is the candidate for the Libertarian party.

Matthew Del Papa from Capreol is the candidate for the Northern Ontario Party.

An all-candidate debate is being held Tuesday night Cousin Vinny's Restaurant in Hanmer, starting at 7 pm.