SUDBURY -- It's not an uncommon occurrence for the people of a small northern Ontario mining town, seismic events at local mines happen frequently.

The latest happened around 3:10 a.m. Thursday at Vale's Creighton Mine near the Greater Sudbury community of Lively.

Earthquakes Canada confirms it was at a depth of 2.4 km and 3.6 in magnitude.

"They're not uncommon, mining-related earthquakes do occur fairly often," said Stephen Crane a research scientist with Natural Resources Canada. "In the last 20 years, there's been about more than 200. Although the size of this one is not as common." 

Crane also says there have been about five mining-related earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3.5 in this area since 2000.

He says the largest one seen in this region was in November 2006, which had a magnitude of 4.1. 

An official with Vale Canada Limited released a statement to CTV News saying that the seismic event occurred on the 8,070 level after a development blast and that all Creighton Mine employees were safely brought to the surface.  

Vale officials say operations at the mine resumed this morning and that activity is restricted below the 7,200 level until background levels return to normal and the impacted area of the mine is inspected.

Three smaller aftershocks followed the original earthquake, but Crane says they were very small and not recorded regionally. 

Officials say there are no reports of damage and that none can be expected, but the movement was felt by many people. 

"We've been getting felt reports at about 50 km in distance. That seems to be about the distance we would expect for people to feel it lightly," said Crane. 

The underground operation has been open since 1901 and is currently the deepest nickel mine in Canada.

Crane says the last mining-related earthquake in the area near this size was in February 2019. 

He is also encouraging anyone in the area to fill out the "did you feel it" questionnaire on the Earthquakes Canada website so they can continue to track earthquakes in the region.

Judging by some of the comments on social media, the incident hasn't fazed many.