Earthquakes Canada confirms a 2.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Sudbury area at 5:08 pm Wednesday. 

It was centered about 27 km east of Sudbury, near Stinson and was felt all over Sudbury, and all the way to French River.

People called into the CTV newsroom  in Sudbury from various areas including the city’s Flour Mill area, as well as Hanmer, and Skead near the airport, wondering what the rumbling was.

Police had no information and nor did the local mines.

Just before 7 pm, Earthquakes Canada, a division of Natural Resources Canada, returned a call to CTV Northern Ontario to confirm that it was an earthquake, and the organzation called it “a significan seismilogical event.”

Ryan Land is the manager of corporate and Indigenous affairs in Ontario and Manitoba for mining firm Vale. He sent a statement to CTV News Wednesday evening:

"A seismic event occurred at Garson Mine this evening at 5:08 pm.  All employees have been accounted for and are safe.  No employees were underground at the time.  Once the affected area is deemed safe, we will assess for any damage that may have occurred as a result of the event." 

There are no reports of injuries or major damage.