SUDBURY -- A 24-year-old from Elliot Lake has been charged with assault and mischief after a drunken tirade, police say.

Officers from the East Algoma detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police were called to an apartment complex on Mississauga Avenue at 5:48 a.m. on Sunday after a dispute between neighbours allegedly turned into an assault.

"Investigation determined an intoxicated person became irate and was yelling. An altercation took place with a neighbor and a child's bicycle was tossed about on the neighbor's patio," police said.

Const. Bev Gauthier told CTV News the fight started when one neighbour who was yelling and making a lot of noise early in the morning was confronted by the next-door neighbour who had a sleeping child in the home and wanted to know what was causing the commotion.

When the altercation simmered down and the neighbour went in to check on his child, the accused grabbed the child's bike and flung it around on the patio, Gauthier said.

Both of the men refused medical treatment, she said.

The accused is scheduled to appear in court on August 3.

None of the allegations has been proven or tested in court.