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Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre in search of new home, needs it quick


For 17 years Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre has been operating out of West Ferris High School.

But the group needs a new home fast, after the Near North District School Board said that West Ferris Secondary School will no longer accommodate them.

"We have been asked to leave," Mechelina Beam, the interim executive director of Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre, told CTV News.

"They can no longer accommodate us for all of our processions and for the rehearsal space we need to put on our show. The school board hasn't given us an actual date but they sent us a letter requesting a date because they require the space as soon as possible."

CTV News reached out to the school board for an interview, but no one was made available.

Jay Aspin, the board chair, said over the phone, that the facts regarding the situation have not been released yet and that more information will be released by the board after its next meeting next month.

As of right now, Dreamcoat is temporarily set up in the gym at One Kids Place on McKeown Avenue, but there's hope that the group can potentially move into the former Widdifield Highschool.

"We've had people out in the community say the schools vacant has the board offered it to you and he can honestly say no they haven't, but we haven't had that conversation. But, if there's any chance that's a possibility we would be open to having that," said Beam.

Jeremy Courmier, chair of Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre agrees with Beam, saying the theatre group has had a good relationship with the school board and that they'd be willing to work with them again.

"We've had a tremendous relationship with the Near North District School Board for years, it's been great," Cormier said.

"Any ideas? Were open to all suggestions and sitting down and discussing and obviously sitting down with the board seeing if it makes sense."

Time unfortunately isn't on their side, Cormier added.

With a show coming up quickly at the Capitol Centre in January the theatre group needs a place to start rehearsing.

More details on their upcoming and past performances can be found on their website. Top Stories

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