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Day parole extended for man who murdered Sudbury police officer

The Parole Board of Canada has extended day parole for cop-killer Clinton Suzack for another six months.

Parole board documents from the end of August said it had to evaluate the risk Suzack presented should his parole be extended.

“To make its decision, the board must determine whether you will not, by re-offending, present an undue risk to society before the end of your sentence,” the documents said.

“The board must also consider whether your release will contribute to the protection of society by facilitating your reintegration into society as a law-abiding citizen.”

Suzack, now 59, was convicted of first-degree murder, along with co-accused Peter Pennett, in the shooting death of Const. Joe MacDonald, a Sudbury police officer killed in October 1993. MacDonald was 29 years old.

“While on probation, you and your accomplice were pulled over by a police officer for a traffic violation,” the documents said.

“The victim's family has described the impact as more than a life sentence because their sentence is endless and filled with agony. They continue to view you as a risk and requested that you not be allowed near the City of Sudbury and area.”

Const. Joe MacDonald was killed in the line of duty in October 1993. (Supplied)

The board denied Suzack full parole in February 2022, but granted him day parole in March of that year. It was extended in August 2022 and February 2023.

“Since that time, reports indicate you have been compliant with all general and special conditions imposed on your release,” the board said.

“You also secured employment as an Elder and teacher at an Indigenous-focused society and feedback from your employer is positive. Reports indicate you are looking for additional employment opportunities so that you can share your cultural knowledge and experience.”

While the day parole is extended, Suzack must still not drink or take drugs, associate with anyone involved in criminal activity, not contact the victim’s family and not travel to Sudbury, the district of Algoma or the Toronto area.

“Your actions resulted in the death of a young man and devastating psychological harm to his family members,” the board said.

“Any unwanted contact with you will cause additional harm and must be strictly avoided. The geographic restriction will minimize the chances of unwanted contact.” Top Stories

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