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Dashcam video shows dangerous passing attempt on northern Ont. highway


A stressful moment for several people on a northern Ontario highway was captured on camera last week.

Dangerous attempt to pass multiple vehicles in the oncoming lane on Highway 11, just east of Kapuskasing, Ont., on June 19, 2024. (Ontario Provincial Police/Image from video)

Police have released dashcam footage from an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) cruiser on June 19 which shows a driver making a “dangerous attempt” to pass multiple vehicles in the oncoming lane on Highway 11, just east of Kapuskasing, Ont.

Members of the Cochrane OPP detachment’s traffic incident management and enforcement team were on patrol when they observed the situation.

The video shows the incident took place during the noon hour.

“Both the cruiser and the oncoming pickup truck had to come to a complete stop to avoid a collision, as there was no room to move over,” said police in a social media post.

As a result of the incident, a 54-year-old driver from Cochrane, Ont., was charged with careless driving.

None of the accusations has been proven in court.

“Passing when you can't see far enough ahead to ensure it's (sic) safe, is dangerous for all road users,” said police.

“Always make sure you have a clear view and sufficient space before attempting to pass.” Top Stories

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