SUDBURY -- Paramedics were forced to spend the night in an Ontario provincial park with an injured canoeist last Wednesday after bad weather stalled rescue efforts.

It took a highly coordinated effort between several emergency response teams to evacuate an individual who had been hurt in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Paramedics from Renfrew were flown to the closest accessible lake and then paddled and portaged to get to the injured person.

Matt Cruchet, one of the paramedics involved, documented the experience on twitter giving a close-up view on the ground.

Because of poor weather conditions, rescuers and the patient were forced to camp out overnight. 

The Royal Canadian Air Force 424 Squadron was finally able to evacuate everyone safely Thursday afternoon once the weather cleared using the Griffon helicopter.

"These boots have been on for 22 hrs and OMG it's going to feel good taking them off," said Cruchet.