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Cycling for mental health awareness

18 riders are taking part in the Wounded Warriors Ride for Mental Health in Sudbury on Saturday.
It's the third year of the national ride to raise money and awareness about the impacts of PTSD and mental health issues on first responders and front line workers.
"The awareness part is the biggest piece. I think there is a still a number of people that don't really know that it is a factor for first responders," detective constable Ryan Hutton of the Greater Sudbury Police Service to CTV News.
"What they go through on a daily basis, how it affects them, their families, their lives and even when they are don working how it affects them afterward."
Riders gathered pledges totalling over $14,000 in Sudbury and pedaled to raise awareness. Organizers said there is still time to donate.
"If you want to donate to the ride for mental health all you have to do is go to the Wounded Warriors site, pick a team or a person and donate to that team or that person," Dan Draper, the organizer of the ride in Sudbury, said.
Sudbury’s ride this year was dedicated to James Bubba Lloyd, a nurse at HSN who took part in the first year of the ride, but died of cancer in 2019. Top Stories

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