SUDBURY -- The Crown is seeking to have the Sudbury man responsible for a vicious stabbing attack declared a dangerous offender after he pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

Alexander Stavropoulos, 25, has pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder and a breach of probation in Sudbury court Monday, with connection to the random attack that happened in a busy box store parking lot on Marcus Drive in early June 2019.

The incident resulted in a 35-year-old woman being sent to hospital with stab wounds to her neck, while her eight-month-old sustained multiple bruises in the altercation.

Crown Attorney Leonard Kim read in the statement of facts in the case that Stavropoulos told officers in an interview after his arrest that he wanted to randomly kill a white girl or a child because he was sexually frustrated.

Authorities say Stavropoulos and the woman were not known to each other prior to the attack.

Stravropoulos has been in police custody since his arrest following the incident.

He is previously known to police from a violent incident at the downtown Sudbury transit terminal, where he threatened people with a knife and charged at responding officers in April 2018.

He served 99 days in jail in connection to that incident.

This is a developing story and more updates are to come. 


The age of the baby injured in the incident was updated from what was originally released by police. The baby was eight-months-old, not nine.