TIMMINS -- COVID-19 vaccination clinics are happening in Timmins, but as Living Space shelter officials explained, they are not easy to attend for people who are homeless.

Living Space held its first vaccination clinic on Friday and are also offering them on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ashely Mathew, the shelter's registered nurse and manager of health services, said it's important to remove barriers for marginalized people who may experience discrimination while waiting in line while attending other vaccination clinics.

“The clinics are throughout Timmins but many people don’t have access to vehicles or cabs, so it’s important we remove as many barriers as possible so people can (have) quick and easy access to the vaccine," she said.

More then 20 people were vaccinated before lunchtime on Friday and Mathew said, depending how the weekend goes, more clinics may be held in the future to accommodate people at different times of the day.

Local physicians and paramedics are also helping with the Living Space COVID-19 vaccination clinics.