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Convenience stores in North Bay can sell alcohol in September


As of Tuesday, more than a dozen convenience stores and gas stations in North Bay have been given the green light to sell alcohol after the Labour Day weekend.

It’s part of the Ontario government’s plan to expand alcohol sales beyond just the LCBO and the Beer Store.

The move comes as striking LCBO workers remain frustrated on the picket line.

Convenience stores like the Shell location on Algonquin Avenue will be selling alcohol after Labour Day. It’s one of 19 convenience store applications in North Bay that have been approved to sell booze.

Residents CTV talked to said the move will provide them with more options.

 “I am for the expansion but there needs to be a balance between the convenience stores and the LCBO,” one person said.

“All just for variety.”

The Ford government announced in May that after Sept. 5, eligible convenience stores will be able to sell beer, cider, wine and ready-to-drink alcohol. After Halloween, all eligible grocery and big-box stores will be able to sell them, too.

But not everyone is in favour.

“The pros, I’m not really seeing them,” one person said.

“To me, it will make it easier for some kids to get,” said another.

“But for us adults, it’ll make it a lot more convenient.”

Striking LCBO workers say the move will take millions of dollars out of Ontario for education and health care and instead go into the pockets of big box store CEOS.

“That’s Doug (Ford’s) entire plan, to appeal to his base,” said Wayne Young of OPSEU Local 682.

“This is going to end up costing us and there’s a significant amount going into Circle K, you know Costco, Galen Westen. So instead of new roads, new yachts for Galen.”

And come Labour Day, even more convenience stores could be approved, as well. Top Stories

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