SUDBURY -- In a time when a lot of communication happens via text message or email, programs like Ten Thousand Coffees promote connection by chatting face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype.

Dave Wilkin, Founder of Ten Thousand Coffees and Lively native, says sometimes simply having a coffee with someone can lead to finally landing that dream job.

"Being somebody from northern Ontario, I knew that if you don’t meet the right people, you’re not going to get the best jobs. And coffee has been something that has been in our community forever and it’s the best way to build relationships and have a sense of community. And so, we built Ten Thousand Coffees," said Wilkin.

On Thursday, Wilkin talked to students at Laurentian University about his company and how they can access it.

It was all part of the school's first-ever Experiential Learning Day.

"The idea is that we’re really preparing our students for the workforce, and so that they know the soft skills and power skills that they need in order to be successful upon graduation," said Rachel Meehan, who works at the university.

Thanks to funding from RBC Future Launch, the school is able to offer access to the online platform to students for free. The hope is that they will make meaningful connections with recent grads and alumni.

"Every single day, we’re hearing people who came to Laurentian from places all over the world and they got to meet with an alumnus who once went to Laurentian, sometimes on Skype, sometimes in person. Suddenly, they’ve been able to get a job at a mining company that they never thought was right for them. And so every day, we’re able to see that when people come together, better career conversations, jobs and new ideas are found,” said Wilkin.

Laurentian isn’t the only school using the online platform.

It is just one of 62 post-secondary schools across the country, including Cambrian and Canadore Colleges, using the technology. 

It’s not just for students either. Hundreds of young professionals and companies also use the service.