SUDBURY -- There's a brand new, pristine facility for skateboard enthusiasts in the Greater Sudbury community of Coniston waiting to be broken in and already kids are chomping at the bit.

After three years of planning, fundraising and building the corner of the park, donors and city officials cut the ribbon on Friday morning.

Donations from those including Lopes Limited and the Coniston Industrial Park who donated $100,000 helped bring the project into fruition.

"Many of our employees, including myself, drive by here many times a day and when we see children and youth playing, especially at the splash pad and we heard there was an opportunity to be part of this project, it holds a special close place to our heart right," said Coniston Industrial Park's Adam Lachapelle.

Fundraising and starting projects is nothing new for the community, which took the initiative on, making the splash pad across the street possible.

"I live within eyeshot of here and every night I can see at least six or seven kids out between 6 and 8 o'clock at night, during the day obviously you can see there's no one here right now, we scared them away but it gets used at all hours of the day, Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday,' said the Coniston Playground Association's Jason Marcon.

In recent years they've also built community gardens and a green house named in honour of Felix Lopes mother Maria.

They're already in the midst of working on their next project for the park and assembling volunteers.

Mayor Brian Bigger and Councillor Deb McIntosh were also on hand for the ribbon cutting.