A group of concerned citizens met with environmental lawyers in Timmins Thursday.  It was to discuss a course of action on growing concerns about raw sewage being dumped into Porcupine Lake

When it comes to the history of the city, the importance of Porcupine Lake can't be understated.

It was the road into the gold rich area for prospectors, a life saver during the great fire and now a group of people is concerned it's become a sewer.

"There's been sewage dumped into Porcupine Lake for the last, at least decade and it's caused a lot of pollution and it's really just destroying any enjoyment of the lake," said Sherrill Richards a member of the friends of Porcupine River Watershed

The group has been reporting raw sewage in the lake for the past few years and now it's hoping to work with the city to change that - with the help of a non-profit legal group.

"We're a specialty legal aid clinic and we help people across Ontario deal with pollution and other environmental issues," said Alexandra Robertson of the Canadian Environmental Law Association.

The group is in Timmins to hear the concerns of locals and to offer advice on the best path towards change.

"The environmental bill of rights, which gives citizens a way to participate so you can do things like applications for review and ask for the ministry of the environment or other ministries that are involved to look at if there is a specific issue,"  said Jacqueline Wilson of the Canadian Environmental Law Association.

The group maintains its intention is to work with the city for the greater good of the community.

"We've got a good, open line of communication with the city and the MOECC right now with CELAS help and we're hoping there's going to be a day in the very near future where we can all sit down as a liaison committee," said Brenda Torresan of the Friends of Porcupine Lake Watershed

The city is in the midst of upgrading sewage pumping stations around the lake and the group plans to do it's best to ensure sewage no longer finds its way into its beloved Porcupine Lake.