Internet still a major concern in Nipissing region


Regional leaders from 12 area municipalities met at City Hall in North Bay Tuesday.

North Bay mayor Al McDonald says they went over a number of topics including the plan to grow in the North East. But he says the major topic up for discussion was the lack of high speed internet in many northern municipalities.


“We have doctors that live out on North shore and professionals that live out on North Shore, Peninsula Road. They cannot get the internet service that they need. So when a doctor can work from home and he can't have that internet he has to actually come in to work.”


Joanne Savage, mayor of West Nipissing, believes lack of internet service is a barrier for growth.


“In today’s day and age we know that internet provides you access to be able to communicate with the entire world, and to be successful and to provide opportunities you need that access and it is similar to having access to transportation so if you don’t have that communication opportunity with the outside world to either market the service or sell the goods that you want to be able to sell or promote who you are, where you are, it is definitely a disadvantage.”


McDonald says the group also briefly discussed their hopes of passenger rail returning to the North East.