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Complaints about ATVs on pedestrian trails in Timmins have police attention

Timmins police are ramping up enforcement after numerous complaints about ATVs being driven illegally on local pedestrian trails.

"Despite clear and obvious signage designating certain trail systems to be used exclusively by pedestrians only, it appears a growing number of irresponsible ATV operators are opting to make use of these trails," Timmins police said in a news release Tuesday.

"As it directly affects the safety of pedestrians, leniency or the use of discretion will not be deployed when addressing violators."

Terry Fox Walking Trail is one of the locations identified by police as an area of concern.

"The Timmins Police Service readily acknowledges that the majority of ATV operators are compliant and responsible with the operation of their off-road vehicles being used in properly designated areas while others simply are not," police said.

"Pedestrian have registered their concerns in this area where ATV operators are clearly being disrespectful to the rights of others."

After being rejected in 2020, a new effort is being made to convince city council in Timmins to permit ATV drivers on some city streets to access trails. Top Stories

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