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Commuter Challenge will soon be underway in Sudbury


The national Commuter Challenge is about to kick off June 5.

In Sudbury, the environmental group reThink Green is challenging commuters to find more environmentally-friendly ways to get to their destinations.

Canadians are encouraged to put down their car keys and try to help the environment.

The Commuter Challenge is a weeklong event that encourages Canadians to choose an active and sustainable mode of transportation, as a way to reduce carbon emissions and single-vehicle traffic.

“We are asking people to track their commuting hours, whether it be walking, biking, busing, and this year ... commuting from home, which is pretty much where everyone is working these days,” said David St. Georges, with reThink Green.

St. Georges says single vehicle emissions are a tremendous contributor to carbon gasses.

“As well it’s a needless emissions since their is so much room in people’s vehicles. Sudbury everyday is becoming a more walkable, bikable, commutable city,” said St. Georges. “So, it encourages people to take hold of this new movement as well as reducing carbon gases so we can enjoy this northern climate for even longer.”

At the end of the challenge, reThink Green will name both an individual and business commuter champion.

The challenge begins June 5 and wraps up June 11. Top Stories

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