Community Volunteer of the Month

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Community Volunteer of the Month
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There are many amazing volunteers in the northeast, each one of them deserving recognition.

We've received so many nominations for the new Community Volunteer of the Month sponsored by Rastall Hydraulic, but this month, we’re shining the spotlight on just one.


Congratulations May's Community Volunteer of the month:

Lyse Perron

Lyse was an educator at Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault for 30 years, where she was the main leader in organizing a trip to Jamaica that involved students helping to build much needed homes.

That is just the beginning of the amazing work that Lyse does.

From preparing and serving food at Lord's Kitchen to volunteering at Project Love and with The Yo Mobile, Lyse is truly a leader in the community.

Near Theriault High School, you will find a tree that’s named after her as recognition for the admiring work that she does.

You can definitely see why she's been nicknamed "Taz" by her fellow colleagues for her "go, go, go" volunteering drive.

The winner of Rastall Hydraulic's Community Volunteer of the Month for May, Lyse Perron from Timmins, talks about her work in the community.

Congratulations April's Community Volunteer of the month:

                                            Eva Bujold

Eva has been a leader in the community of Greater Sudbury by stepping up in the most crucial of times.

She’s been making masks for anyone in need while donating the proceeds to the Garson Food Bank.

Eva has also donated some masks to the Elgin Street Mission in downtown Sudbury.

Volunteering has been a huge part of Eva’s life as she's spent the last seven years helping with Health Sciences North fundraisers, as well as an incredible 15 years at Ecole St-Augustin in Garson.

"Like it fills the joy in my heart to give, you know, and we appreciate everybody and we love everybody, so we're out there to reach people and to do everything we can in our community . In the last month, my girlfriend and I, Micheline, have been making masks and we have been donating all our funds to the Garson Food Bank. And our masks, we are charging two for $15 and all proceeds goes to the Garson Food Bank. So far, we've donated $1,000 and as of (Thursday) we're sitting on another $1,000," said Bujold.

Will Aiello talks to April's Community Volunteer of the Month, Eva Bujold, about how she has been making her community a better place.