NORTH BAY -- A food truck in North Bay is operating like a summer classroom on wheels for Canadore College students.

Brewside Eats, a food truck on site at New Ontario Brewing, is being run by students in the college’s culinary management program. It's a chance for the young chefs to hone their skills and see what it's like working in a real-life kitchen.

"I think a food truck is a great stepping stone and a great chuck of experience to get into the door," said culinary management student Spencer Stringer.

Through a partnership with New Ontario Brewing, Canadore College was able to open a food truck on the patio to compliment the beverage sales.

"There was a mutual desire between the brewery and the college to see if there was interest in opening some food service to not only compliment the brewery, (but to) give these students experience,” said Canadore College culinary technologist Lou-Anne Robinson.

Thursday was launch day for the food truck and it will be open from Thursday through Sunday all summer long until Labour Day.

"We're really focusing on pairing with the beer that's offered at the brewery. Our whole menu is based around southern cuisine,” said Stringer.

Student Yuhze 'Leon' Ding comes from China, where food trucks are few and far between. He's excited to hone his time management skills, making sure that some food gets to the truck on time from the college's kitchen.

“In China, the food trucks are smaller and they're operated with two people in it. Here we have a team. It'll be a challenge for me and a good opportunity for me," he said.

The culinary management program's first year teaches students the basics of kitchen etiquette and other fundamental skills needed to work in a kitchen. The students hope working for the summer at the food truck will help prepare them for a future in cooking.

“These students are fantastic and they picked it up so quickly and they are every bit invested in giving a great customer service,” said Robinson.

Robinson is hoping the partnership will continue with the brewery to keep the food truck open in future summers.