As the battle continues by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry crews against a number of forest fires in our region, the MNRF says it's particularly concerned with a group of fires in the River Valley area.

It's an area just north of Highway 17 between Sudbury and North Bay, directly north of Hagar, and not far from a couple of provincial parks.

There is a cluster of fires there right now that are not under control.

Concern is the feeling around the River Valley area as forest fires continue to spread.

The MNRF says there are currently 66 active fires around the region.

Therese Larocque is a River Valley resident.

"The smell of the smoke, and some people said there were ashes on their car from it too, it’s been alarming." said Larocque.

And being caught anywhere near these fires is a risk many cottagers and campers, such as Tom Lambert, aren't willing to take.

"I didn't want to take the chance. I did see a bit of smoke coming around the mountain side off of Lake Manitou. They do have an odor, so now that they're warning everyone, well best to take your equipment out or eventually get caught between these three fires." said Lambert.

The MNRF is currently setting up a base shelter in River Valley.

It'll be a place emergency personnel will call home as they continue to battle these fires.

And for those around the community, the ministry's presence is reassuring.

“It's scary you know, but the cavalry is here. Like I said, it reassures us that the MNR is here." said Larocque.

The MNRF says of the 66 active fires, 26 are not yet under control, while the others are either under control or being closely watched by fire officials.