SUDBURY -- With people throughout the northeast facing an unknown timeline of self-isolation, many local businesses are forming ways to come to them.

As part of the forced closure of many businesses across the province, hair salons have also shut their doors for the foreseeable future.

"If you look good you feel good so I think that's why people have reached out to us," said Dawn Zyma, the spa manager at Sudbury's Talk of the Town. Since being closed, the team says its clientele hasn't been shy with reaching out. So, they've come up with a temporary solution for some.

"We've actually started providing these colour care kits for our clients," said Zyma. "They have a formula to match their hair. We provide in the kits, a shampoo, a conditioner, there's a brush application and full details on how to apply."

The program is only open to existing clients as its dependent on the salon's in-house records of each person's individual formula. These will be delivered through a contactless delivery system.

But the team is working on some help for everyone.

"We're also going to be doing some YouTube videos as well so if everybody wants to watch out, they will be coming shortly. It's just going to be tutorials on skin care, hair care."

Zyma says while she's seen many videos circulating on social media of people cutting their own hair, she recommends waiting for a professional's assistance.

"Give us a call if you are a client of ours, we will definitely help you out in that area. As far as bangs go, please, side note do not cut your own bangs. You will regret it! We are here for you when this is all over."

Existing clients of Talk of the Town who are interested in their packages can email a request to

Some other industries are also introducing new options for customers in order to stay viable. 

Kyle Marcus is the owner of The Alibi Room, a bar in downtown Sudbury. Since the provincial government created new regulations allowing restaraunts and bars to make alcohol available for take-out, Marcus has developed do-it-yourself cocktail kits.

"We've tried to create essentially the Alibi room experience at home," said Marcus. "We like to think of ourselves as a little bit elevated, a little bit fancy. When you come in here it's our job to show you what fancy is and show you what a great cocktail is and how to enjoy them, how to create them."

The kits come with three steps, selecting your base, food to pair and then your liquor. Marcus says he quickly went through nearly half his inventory less than a day after launching the program.

"Everyone's stressed out right now. If we can create the escapism for them at home that they receive in the bar, I think we'll be very proud of that and the way people have received it and responded to it, it seems like they are excited for that little moment of happiness I guess while they are at home in isolation."