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Climate activists protest in the Sault and across Canada


A small group of climate activists in the Sault took part in a day of action to protest Canada’s policies on fossil fuels amid record forest fires.

The Queen Street event was one of 32 such gatherings across the nation.

The activists gathered in front of Liberal MP Terry Sheehan’s constituency office.

Sheehan spoke with the activists, who showed their frustration with the government’s progress on its emissions targets.

It was organized by 350 Canada (, a grassroots organization that says it wants the federal government to “end subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, create hard caps on oil and gas emissions, and enact a just transition to fully renewable energy.”

“We do not need more fossil fuel development, and infrastructure,” said Walter Chan, an organizer of the Sault rally.

“We need to close that down and start winding it down. The federal government is doing the opposite, which is still increasing. Increasing the production of the oil sands.”

“We need to do everything, and that’s why we’re always listening,” Sheehan added.

“That’s why I’m standing here today. It’s like, what can we continue to do to heal the planet but make sure we have good, high-quality jobs at the same time?”

Organizers said anyone who wasn’t able to attend but feels strongly about fighting climate change should call their MP’s office. Top Stories

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