SUDBURY -- Pioneer Manor in Greater Sudbury is the largest long-term care facility in the region.

Home to 433 residents, it's getting some extra help from city staff who have been redeployed to the facility as many municipal services remain shut down because of COVID-19 precautionary measures.

The employees include library, arena, counter service, archives, and a life guard.

"We have them doing six areas of work. The largest is with food services, so we have 20 people assisting with that, so they are assisting with meal delivery to the rooms," said Aaron Archibald, the director of Pioneer Manor.

Seven redeployed city staff members are screening Pioneer Manor staff and service providers, and family members deemed essential entering and leaving the building.

"That runs from 5:30 in the morning usually to until 11-11:30 o'clock at night. They are ensuring that the staff coming into the building are answering all of the questions and getting their temperature taken," said Archibald.

The paid city employees were redeployed on a volunteer basis to the municipally owned facility.

"We knew the need was going to be very intense at Pioneer Manor, so because we had some extra staff to re-deploy to Pioneer, we were able to free up the time for the PSW'S more time dealing within the personal care for our residents," said Ward 5 councillor Bob Kirwan.

One redeployed city staff member is helping on the life enrichment team, delivering mail, selling popular tuck shop items room to room, and connecting residents with family through telephone and internet visits.