TIMMINS -- Hundreds of cars lined up for the annual household hazardous and special waste day in Timmins on Saturday. 

The round-up gives people a chance to get rid of things such as batteries, fuel, fertilizers and much more. 

The event usually takes place in June, but due to the pandemic, it was moved to this month.

"I think people at home had more time on their hands to clean up and clean out their basement and bring it here today,” said Steve Tebworth, household waste coordinator for Drain-All Ltd.

“So it looks like they're doing a very good job of keeping all the waste in proper containers; in original containers and brought them here today."

This is city councillor Kristin Murray's first time helping to unload products such as oil, pharmaceuticals and paint from vehicles.  She's impressed, but thinks increased awareness could help. 

"Maybe some people aren't aware that today is a day where they can drop off a lot of goods that they have at home. Although we see a lot of people coming through today. I just kind of entice them to keep onto those items a little longer until a hazardous waste day like today," she said.

Officials say keeping these items that are useful to humans but unhealthy to the environment out of landfill sites is beneficial to everyone. 

"Having events like this and as many diversion programs as we can...being able to dispose of your light bulbs here; battery programs we have on a continuous basis, things like that is what removes waste from the landfill, unnecessary waste, but also hazardous waste so that we can maintain our landfill," explained Christina Beaton, environmental coordinator for the city of Timmins. 

This event has been going on for about a decade and organizers say this is the first time they saw cars lined earlier than the start time.