SUDBURY -- Christians are marking the Lenten season with Ash Wednesday.

People in northern Ontario are flocking to churches to get ashes as a mark of a sign of their faith.

“Lent has three different parts to it: it’s spring cleaning, it’s a refresher course and also an inner journey, a best of journeys that we never know where it will lead us,“ said Dr. John Gibaut, president of Thorneloe University in Sudbury.

Ash Wednesday is a time of prayers, almsgiving and fasting to recognize the sacrifices and ultimate death of Jesus Christ.

Lent consists of 40 days and six Sundays.  Gibaut added that people eat differently during this season.

“It’s a different season, it’s a different place and so we eat differently. It’s a way of saying we’re in a different space.”  

Lent is the lead up to Easter Sunday, when Jesus rose from the dead.