SUDBURY – Officials with Health Sciences North are trying to find a new home for the Sudbury Children's Treatment Centre.

Currently, the centre is on the property of Health Sciences North, but administrators are saying there is just not enough room to keep it where it is.

They say they have to have the space to ease hospital overcrowding and create more acute care beds.

"Health Sciences North is bursting at the seams because the hospital was built too small. Last month, we had up to 67 patients located in spaces where we wished they were not provided that care. There are 664 residents in the city of greater Sudbury alone waiting for long term care beds, so we need to take action. There are 21 children treatment centres in the province… most of them are not located in a hospital setting," says Dominic Giroux, Health Sciences North CEO.

Giroux says he and his staff are still in the process of determining an alternative location for the centre.