In mid-February, Greater Sudbury’s city council approved a new transit action plan.

The first phase of the plan began two years ago.

Transit officials have been asking for feedback from the public ever since, and with that feedback they received, changes have now been implemented.

By July, bus riders in Sudbury will notice quite a difference in everything from routes, to frequency, to fares. These are the first major changes that have been made in almost 20 years.

Michelle Ferrigan is the director of the city’s transit services.

"Anyone purchasing either a ticket or paying by cash gets a 90 minute pass to use our system. The 31-day monthly adult pass will allow children to board for free and also that pass will be transferable." said Ferrigan.

Officials with Sudbury Transit say they have reduced the number of routes from 38 routes down to 27, but say they have expanded the services.

"Now it's covering more area, and so the system will be the same, seven days a week, very easy to understand and easier to navigate and plan your trips." said Ferrigan.

A new main line has been added.

"This route that will start at the New Sudbury shopping centre and run all the way down to the South End. So, one bus running across town. So, there won't be a transfer required." said Ferrigan.

And the Sunday route schedule has also been improved, from 11 routes an hour to 27.

"They'll vary based on the demand, but they will see frequencies of approximately a half an hour. Our Sunday service will be matched from 10 am to six pm, just like a Saturday." said Ferrigan.

Some riders say these changes were necessary and had this to say to CTV News:

"I ride the bus a lot on Sundays and it will benefit me because there's longer bus transfers and there will be more buses."

"I ride the bus about five, maybe ten rides a week. 90 minutes sounds good because you're rushing sometimes you know."

The new fares will start July 1 and the new routes will be implemented at the end of August.