SUDBURY -- The District of Nipissing Social Service Administration Board (DNSSAB) has announced changes to how it will issue social assistance payments.

The news comes after North Bay's Canada Post office announced it has temporarily closed their doors due to a presumptive case of COVID-19.

"People who normally receive their cheques by mail will have them delivered by Purolator throughout the District, including recipients, landlords and vendors,” officials said in a statement.

“For people who normally receive their mail at a PO Box, cheques will be delivered to the address they have provided…"

DNSSAB says "payment will be made as scheduled," however it is not clear if these changes will see people receive their up-coming cheques on time, as the notice goes on to urge people receiving cheques to setup "Direct Bank Deposit to prevent any future delivery delays."

A representative from DNSSAB has since provided clarification and has advised that upcoming cheques are dated March 31.

"They will be delivered by Purolator Monday March 30, and by Tuesday March 31st at the latest," said the representative in an email.

The statement goes on to remind the public that offices are closed and that in-person visits are restricted to emergency situations.

Individuals who require assistance are asked to call 705-474-2151 or 1-877-829-5121. 

A previous version of this article publised on March 28/2020 wrote:

"The Board did not immediately respond for comment."

The article has since been upaded with the comment from the District of Nipissing Social Service Administration Board.