SUDBURY -- Ontario is making some changes to temporary absences and parole at adult correctional facilities in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

As of last Friday, low-risk inmates that serve time on weekends will not have to report to jail for now and personal visits are being temporarily put on hold.

Now, provincial officials say the measures to protect frontline workers and inmates are being expanded to allow non-violent prisoners who are close to the end of their sentences out early.

The province says these new regulations will preserve the integrity of the healthcare system

"To ensure public safety, inmates would be carefully assessed to ensure they are a low risk to re-offend. Those inmates who have been convicted of serious crimes, such as violent crimes or crimes involving guns, would not be considered for early release," said the Ministry of the Solicitor General in a news release.

The provincial parole board will also begin conducting hearings by electronic or written means, rather than only in person.