SUDBURY -- Representatives from Sudbury Steam Cleaners say there has been overwhelming community support for the mask challenge.

"We're really impressed with how many people in the community, both individuals and groups, are making these cloth masks so we're really thankful for them," said Julia Haddad, with Sudbury Steam Cleaners. 

Haddad says after receiving the donations, they then clean each item. 

"What happens is that twice a week right now we are processing the masks in our laundry facility, so they get washed, they get dried, we give them a press as well and that's just a way to make sure the masks are clean," said Haddad. "People are making them in the community and it's always good to limit the amount of hands that have been on each item, so we want to make sure they are cleaned for each individual who will be wearing them."

After individually packing each mask, they are then delivered to Health Sciences North. 

So far, 1,100 home-made masks have been donated and more than 950 have already been handed out at the hospital. 

"They do go to all visitors who are approved to enter HSN, they are delivered to the broader community and those who are discharged from HSN who are heading back into the community," Shanna Crispo, with Health Sciences North. "So far, we have delivered them to the cancer centre, ambulatory care unit, just to name a few."

The Sudbury Theatre Centre was just one of many community groups who stepped up to help. 

"We sent an email blast out to our membership, volunteers, ticket holders from the past and within the first half a day I had about 58 people volunteer," said Anita Ansamaa, with Sudbury Theatre Centre. 

"What we did was, we put together a kit that has enough fabric and materials for 15 masks. In total we've put out enough kits to make 1,350 masks," said Ansamaa.

Those involved with this campaign say they are encouraging the community to continue sewing with hopes of delivering roughly a thousand masks per week to the hospital.