SUDBURY -- A Chelmsford man is using his chainsaw to create some unique art. Yves Willard has been carving many subjects for six years now. He also gets a helping hand from his wife and sons, making YNM Wood Carving a family affair.

Willard said he gets ideas and uses his chainsaw to carve them into reality.

"I make totem poles, artwork, benches, tables, pretty much anything you can think of, I like to create," he said.

He also does commission work when people come to him with ideas and has carved many sculptures of people's pets.

Willard also torches the wood to make his creations come to life.

"Creating something out of nothing, pretty much, grabbing a log and making something that came out of somebody's head or of mine and just enjoy working for myself also," he said.

Willard's wife Monique Lamothe would normally handle bookings for demonstrations at events, however, she also paints and torches the wood to help with the detailing.

"It gives me a sense of calmness and relaxation, I really enjoy it. I get to expand some of my artistic abilities through the painting, so it's nice," said Lamothe.

The couples two boys, 13-year-old Philippe, and 7-year-old Sylvain, also help out getting the raw white pine ready to be turned into an artistic creation.

"We have two boys and they are along with the process as well. He has them debarking trees, they do a whole lot, some sanding, they also do sanding for us. We are really a family owned business," she said.

The family said it's is looking forward to showcasing the art at local events and Yves doing demonstrations, once the COVID restrictions are lifted.