SUDBURY -- After more than 100 years of operation, the iconic headframes and other buildings at Vale’s Stobie Mine site will be demolished over the next few months.

In a news release Tuesday, the company said the demolition follows Stobie Mine operations being placed on care and maintenance in 2017.

“The aging headframes are being demolished to reduce maintenance costs and pave the way for potential new development currently being studied at the Stobie Mine site,” Patrick Boitumelo, head of mining and milling for Vale’s North Atlantic Operations, said in the release.

This work will be completed between mid-October and mid-December, with all three headframes at Stobie Mine demolished. Shafts 7 and 8 will be dismantled by removing pieces of the headframes from the top down starting Oct. 13. Shaft 9 will be blasted down the week of Nov. 9.

Some buildings at the site such as the crusher plant, mill and hoist building, have already been removed with a few more also scheduled for demolition.

"Demolition activity at the Stobie Mine site is not expected to impact the community," the release said. "Residences and businesses in close proximity to the mine site may hear or feel minor activity related to the demolition of the No. 9 shaft the week of Nov. 9. Construction noise and dust mitigation will be in effect."

For safety reasons, the public is asked to stay away from the construction site. No public access to the demolition site will be permitted.

“After operating for more than 100 years in the Sudbury Basin, Stobie Mine has a certain nostalgia to it,” said Boitumelo. “It has a rich history of contributing to our business and our community. We cherish that history while looking forward to the future growth of operations.”