SUDBURY -- Women in two retirement centres and two long-term care homes will receive some extra love this Mother's Day.

An initiative by Goshenite Senior Services is aiming to deliver 500 Mother's Day cards to the Elizabeth Centre, Finlandia Village, Red Oak Villa and Amberwood Suites for this weekend.

Nicole Blais, the CEO for Goshenite Senior Services say this is the first year for the initiative.

"My team and I think it's very important just because of COVID-19. As we all know we've been practicing social distancing, and isolation and quarantine for some unfortunately," said Blais. "Which makes it difficult for people to even see their loved ones through a pane of glass in those facilities. So we just thought that this would be an added bonus for them to get something on Mother's Day."

The goal is to deliver a card to every women at these four locations and hopefully make their Sunday a little bit more special.

"It's certainly going to bring a smile to their face, I hope," said Joanne Landry who donated several cards to the cause. "We put some little messages inside to say 'stay safe, stay healthy, we love you, we miss you.' It's so hard because we're not able to touch anyone right now and seniors need hugs and they need kisses and they need love. This is one way to show them that we love them."


Collecting Mother's Day Cards


At the Elizabeth Centre in Val Caron, officials say that about 84 women will be receiving one of these cards on Sunday.

"I'm sure that they're going to be very thrilled," said Liane Pelissier, Residents & Family Services Coordinator. "Every time we receiving community donations for our residents they're very appreciative and it certainly brightens up their day. Not being able to see their families is difficult so these little gestures really lift their spirits for sure."

Pelissier adds donations like this are 'immeasurable.'

"It just does a lot for the spirits, not only for the residents but for the staff as well. We are so appreciative of everything that's been donated to us thus far and the support that the community has shown."

In order to follow COVID-19 protocols, the cards have to be dropped off to the facilities by Thursday, May 7 in the afternoon so that they can be put in quarantine for 48 hours before delivery to the residents.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Blais said they had over 300 cards donated and ready for delivery. She adds that she has no doubt they will be able to meet the 500 card goal.

Donations are still being accepted at College Boreal or by contacting Blais through the organizations facebook page.

Officials say they plan to do a similar card drive for Father's Day.