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Capreol residents concerned about a lack of specific emergency plans for the community


Residents of the Greater Sudbury community of Capreol voiced their concerns about the lack of a formal evacuation plan for the area should the need arise.

Many gathered Thursday evening to hear from first responders and the city's emergency management department about their concerns.

Residents told emergency service personnel that given the community's unique, only one way in, one way out layout they wanted to know what the City of Greater Sudbury had planned in the event of a large-scale emergency, like a wildfire.

"I'm encouraged by that and knowing that we do need to do better every time there is a crisis or emergency we're always learning and that's the consistent message that I got,” said Natalie Labbee, city councillor for Ward 7 – that includes Capreol.

“We're learning from that, we're trying to do better, there's always room for improvement and they were definitely listening to residents."

Other city officials shared Labbee’s sentiments.

"Residents are concerned about that, they like to know what we're doing as an emergency service as a whole, what we're doing as a fire service and how we're protecting the community,” said Jesse Oshell, a deputy fire chief for the city’s fire services.

Oshell said those in the area want to know how first responders are going to help them in the event of an emergency and how they will get through barriers such as a train blocking access to the main artery of the community or that roadway being cut off for any reason.

Labbee told CTV news that based on the meeting she has asked the emergency management department to come up with something more community-specific to Capreol to help address questions raised by residents. 

An undated photo of the 'Welcome to Capreol' sign in the Greater Sudbury, Ont. community. (File photo/CTV News Northern Ontario) Top Stories

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