Ontario Provincial Police say that members of the Provincial Joint Forces Cannabis Enforcement Team along with members of the Anishinabek Police Service made several arrests and laid charges in connection with what they call two illegal cannabis stores on Wahnapitae First Nation.

Search warrants were executed last Thursday at First Nations Medicinal on Loonway Road and Creator’s Choice Natural Health Solutions on Taighwenini Trail Road.

Both stores took to social media to let people know they were being raided.

Creator's Choice raid post

First Nations Medicinal raid post

A total of six people were arrested and charged, two from the first store, and four from the second.

Police say they seized approximately $111,000 in suspected cannabis bud, hash, and edibles, as well as $14,000 in cash from The Taighwenini Trail Road establishment, which was set to open the doors to a brand new building on Saturday. The owner of the facility was released on bail Friday.  The three others charged in connection with that store were also released and are scheduled to appear in a Sudbury court on January 23rd.

Police seized approximately $47,430 in suspected cannabis bud, oil, shatter, hash, and edibles from First Nations Medicinal, along with $2,700 in cash.

Despite the brush with the law, both stores have announced on their Facebook pages that they are both back open.

CC reopens

FNM reopens

The OPP say they will continue to lead an enforcement strategy that focuses on dismantling organized crime groups, eliminating the illegal cannabis supply, remove illegal store fronts and online businesses, and target the proceeds of crime and assets along with other Ontario police services.