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Canadian Mining Expo focused on northern Ont.’s mining boom


The largest event of the year in Timmins is back in all of its mining glory and organizers say it’s bigger than ever.

More than 400 industry exhibitors are chomping at the bit for business deals and new-hires at a mining showcase that’s drawing in guests from across Canada and the globe.

“You're looking to, you know, help increase your mining operation’s bottom line,” said Glenn Dredhart of the Canadian Mining Expo.

“And you're looking at helping to, you know, decrease in downtime and operation, all the products are here.”

The focus this year is making the most of the region’s new mining boom, as more operations blast off and aim to position Timmins and the region as global players in the critical minerals market, where ethically sourced materials are in high demand.

“You're going to need every bit of nickel that we need, from Sudbury and Timmins and the Ring of Fire,” said Mines Minister and Timmins MPP George Pirie.

“And why? Because we do not want the nickel from Indonesia. Number 1, it's financed by the Chinese, it's powered by coal and the tailings goes to the sea.”

Organizers call this a shopping mall for all things mining, with more than 60 live demonstrations showing off the latest in equipment and tech.

A British Columbia-based company said it’s excited about the growth potential in this region.

“With the Crawford Mine coming up into production, hopefully by 2027, I see the population jumping at least 30-fold from what it is now, said torque wrench salesman Charles Duval.

“I mean, what it is for Timmins is, I think, a fresh start, moving in a new direction. So again, we're happy to be part of it.”

“Things are going to start to change in northern Ontario,” Dredhart added.

“We're in the centre of all the action.”

And the Canadian Mining Expo is the place for people to begin a lucrative career or return to the industry, with more than 100 exhibitors ready to take resumes and fill a large workforce demand.

The two-day event continues Thursday, with more demos and a job fair, along with talks from mining giants and young industry players about the exciting projects ahead. Top Stories


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