TIMMNS -- The Canadian Army Reserves is in need of more recruits.

Members of The Algonquin Regiment in Timmins set up an information booth at Northern College Tuesday in hopes of reaching out to students in search of a summer job.

"We've been trying really hard to recruit over the last couple of years," said Corporal Dylan Bouwers, a reservist with The Algonquin Regiment and a recruiter.

Bouwers said he joined when he was in his third year at Nipissing University and one of several benefits he enjoyed was having part of his tuition reimbursed. He says he has since moved to Timmins and has been on deployments in Alert, Nunavut and Latvia.

Students don't need to be too concerned about having any special skills to apply to become a reservist, he says.

"We teach you everything, starting from basic training, we teach you how to walk and talk; put your clothes on--basically all the way up to your actual job whichever your trade is," said Bouwers.

Another benefit of becoming a reservist, he says, is that it allows people the freedom of joining the army without committing to it long-term. Part-time hours are available now and full-time hours begin May 1 to August 31.

Student Carina Weapenicappo stopped by the booth and picked up an application.

"Yes, I think I'm going to do it," Weapenicappo said. "I did have family members that were in the military and they used to serve, so I did get inspired by them too in my little community, Moose Factory."

Bouwers says he was pleased with the number of people who asked questions,

"We do have deployment opportunities coming up this year and next year; and we have a lot of spots to fill, so the more we have, the better we can do our job." said Bouwers.

The Algonquin Regiment Army Reserves is planning to host more information sessions at high schools and there will be a public open house at the Cassidy Armory on April 2.