Update 7:

Despite a valiant effort, Canada's national women's soccer team loses to the Netherlands in the first round of the 2019 FIFA World Cup.

The Dutch team wins 2 - 1, clinching the top spot for Group E.

Both teams still advance to the knockout round.

Canada's next game is Monday, June 24 at 3:00 pm ET. They will play the team that comes in second in Group F.

CTV Northern Ontario will continue to follow Canada's progress.

Update 6:

Scott comes off and Quinn takes the field at 79 minutes into the game.

The score is 2 - 1 for the Netherlands.

Update 5:

The Netherlands have re-established their lead at 75 minutes with a second goal. 

Update 4:

Canada makes two substitutions halfway through the second half. Christine Sinclair is taken off the pitch and replaced with Adriana Leon, and shortly after, Jayde Riviere is subbed in for Allysha Chapman. 

Update 3:

Christine Sinclair ties it up with a pass from Huitema 60 minutes into the game.

Update 2:

The Netherlands score the first goal of the game against Canada after 55 minutes of play.


Canada's goal by Huitema, 18, after more than 20 minutes of play was disallowed due to an offside pass.

The score is 0-0 after the first half.

Team Canada at Montpellier in Lavérune


Canada’s national women’s soccer team is facing off against the Netherlands in its third match of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

It is the final matchup of the first round in the tournament.

After winning the first games, Canada has earned a spot in the knockout round.

The game begins at 12:00 ET Thursday, June 20 and airs on CTV.

Pregame begins at 11:00 am. 

Canada's starting lineup in Thursday's game:

  • Labbé #1
  • Chapman #2
  • Buchanan #3
  • Zadorsky #4
  • Huitema #9
  • Lawrence #10
  • Scott #11
  • Sinclair #12
  • Schmidt #13
  • Beckie #16
  • Fleming #17

Sudbury's Jenna Hellstrom made the team and has yet to see any playing time in the tournament yet.

Two changes have been made in the lineup: Jayde Riviere and Nichelle Prince have been swapped for Allysha Chapman and Jordyn Huitema.

18-year-old Huitema is making her 2019 World Cup debut against Netherlands. 

CTV Northern Ontario is following the game and will have updates as they become available.

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