Some concerned citizens gathered in Sudbury Monday night to discuss the issue of rising salt levels in Ramsey Lake, which is where the city gets its drinking water.

The Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance hosted the public information session. Its members say the road salt used to keep streets clear during winter months has resulted in increased levels of salt in Ramsey Lake and other lakes in the area.

Environmental experts were on hand at the session to provide information and for some in attendance, the information was alarming.

Lilly Noble is a board member of the Greater Sudbury Watershed alliance that is working to improve the health of the watersheds within Greater Sudbury.

“What they told us is that when salt and sodium chloride levels rise in a lake, like Ramsey Lake, it can affect the water cleaners, little zoo plankton and fresh water muscles that filter our water. And when they're dead, things like blue-green algae can have a more competitive advantage, so that's pretty alarming that salt levels can affect our blue-green algae growth in the lake.” said Noble.

Organizers say they would like to see city council consider the issue of rising salt levels before going ahead with new developments.