SUDBURY -- The Callander Museum and Alex Dufresne Gallery is hosting a Saturday art show celebrating the photography of three artists.

Dan Bryer, Michael De Morée and John Minkowskyj's photos will be on display in in the show titled “Photographic Evidence.”

This three-man exhibit features a variety of landscapes, abstracts and urban environments.

Bryer is inspired by the likes of Freeman Patterson and The Group of Seven. He strives to make landscape and impressionist scenes that draw the viewer in through self-identification.

After first experimenting with photography during his university years, he re-discovered his interest for it in 2009 following his retirement as a surgeon for 34 years.

Bryer has travelled far while searching for scenes and has a great affinity for the Precambrian Shield landscapes of Northern Ontario.

De Morée presents a range of abstract images that are open to interpretation of the viewer.

Design concepts such as line, texture, pattern and form have occupied his view of photography and due to his long experience in visual arts as a photography teacher, he feels that it is interconnected with other art forms like painting, poetry and music.

Photographers such as Aaron Siskind, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Mark Rothko and the paintings of American Abstract expressionists have been very instrumental to his process. De Morée has exhibited extensively in Northern Ontario and many of his photographs are in public and private collections.

Minkowskyj's first interest in photography started with taking pictures of the Beatles when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1963. His interest grew from a hobby to obsession and he began to process his own film and developed his own black and white prints in a darkroom.

Light, texture and shapes influence his work and he seeks to make “the invisible, visible.”

Minkowskyj’s interest in digital photography expanded after working under the tutelage of Ed Eng and he has had photo exhibits at the WKP Kennedy Gallery.

The three North Bay-based artists recently showcased together at the Temiskaming Art Gallery in 2019.

The show opens on Saturday and the artists will be in attendance from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the gallery will be limit itself to 18 people at a time.