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Callander Bay island lighthouse construction almost complete

A new lighthouse being built on an island in Callander Bay of Lake Nipissing, near North Bay, is taking shape as construction is almost complete.

The Farquhar Lighthouse will be the municipality's newest landmark and will act as a beacon of light at night for boats on the water.

Lighthouse being built on island in Callander Bay of Lake Nipissing. March 13/23 (Eric Taschner/CTV Northern Ontario)

Ryan Farquhar owns the island where it is being built and he told CTV News it's a project he is very passionate about.

"We can't wait to have it up there lighting our way," Farquhar said.

After a devastating 2006 summer storm destroyed the previous lighthouse that was built there, he wanted to build a new one and have it functioning.

The old one was just a landmark and wasn't used to guide boats.

"It was actually my wife. She kept looking at the island and said 'why don't we try and bring that back for the community?' So that discussion began and boom here we are," he said.

The Farquhar lighthouse project has been in the works for a number of years and construction crews began preparing the foundation last summer.

The structure will stand 42 feet tall once complete and it will be a tourist attraction for the municipality.

"The idea is people can come to the lighthouse island and come onto the island and there's going to be a big deck we're building out there and there will be seating and signage and it will educate you about this lighthouse and the old lighthouse," Farquhar said.

However, people won't be allowed inside the lighthouse.

Three weeks ago, Farquhar heard from the Canadian Coast Guard it will register the lighthouse in their database and it will also be added to national nautical charts putting Callander on the nautical map.

"The specs of the lighthouse from the height to the colour, to the light and how the light shines in the distance and so on need to meet registered requirements," he said.

Farquhar added the light will only shine out towards the lake so homeowners on the shore will not be affected.

Ryan Farquhar owns the island where new lighthouse is being built in Callander Bay. March 13/23 (Eric Taschner/CTV Northern Ontario)

The timing comes as the Municipality of Callander looks to add more boat slips at the Landsdowne Street boat launch and open the space to more boat parking in the future.

"Private investment into our municipality is always appreciated," said the municipality's senior municipal director, Ashley Bilodeau.

"We originally recommended some funds in the budget for docking, but we did postpone those for next year. The breakwater was approved in this year's budget and was finalized over the weekend."

The lighthouse should be complete by spring and fully lit up by the time the boats hit the water.

"Four weeks from now, we should see something that really resembles a lighthouse," Farquhar said. "We love to hear all the positive feedback from the community." Top Stories

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