A café in downtown Sudbury is scrambling trying to find someone who might have accidentally given a really big tip recently.

The Cedar Nest Décor Café serves fresh coffee, tea, baking, sandwiches, salads, quiche, soups and often has a large lunch crowd.

Sue Peters runs the shop with her daughter and says that a lunch customer on January 30th gave them a 400% tip.

It wasn’t noticed until Peters was doing some bookkeeping later that she noticed the large tip amount.

She showed it to her daughter and the pair thought instantly that it must be a mistake.

The bill amount was $38.42, but the tip was $153.68, a 400% gratuity.

Peters thinks that perhaps the customer thought they were entering a dollar amount, but inadvertently was entered as a percentage.

She posted a message about the incident on her Facebook page with a picture of the receipt hoping to find the person and make it right. In 24 hours, the post has been shared over 1,200 times.

Peters has contacted her bank and is trying to trace the person that way in the event the person she is looking for is not on social media.

She is hoping to find the customer and provide a refund.