SUDBURY -- Locally-owned businesses in Sudbury have had to change the way they operate

'Your Dollar Store With More' is no longer open for walk-ins. The only way customers are allowed to shop inside is by booking a private appointment.

"We ask that people go to our Facebook page, book their 30-minute time slot. That time is theirs and theirs alone. What that looks like here is that we will come out, bring the customer in, they do not touch anything, once they're inside they get their pair of gloves and sanitized cart. They are not to touch anything unless they plan on purchasing it," said Sandy Francis, owner of Your Dollar Store With More.

Francis says some customer reactions have surprised her.

"About 80 per cent of our customers have so much gratitude and thankful and appreciative and they've taken this very serious. They have a safe place to come. On the other hand, we've had some angry people look at me like I have two heads saying 'I just want to look around.' Well, my response to that is 'stay home. You have no reason to be out,'" said Francis.

The store owner also said this decision was made after many customers were not physically distancing themselves in her store.

Alliance Coffee

Alliance Coffee and Water is another locally-owned business that has had to change things up a bit. Instead of allowing customers inside the store, it's now implemented curb side pick up.

"You give us your order and we only accept credit card payment to make this completely a hundred per cent contactless. And once you're ready, you can pick the order up the same day, 8 to 4 Monday through Friday, and when you're here, we place the order outside and then we return inside the building you're then able to pick up the order and go home," said Katherine Glen, with Alliance Coffee and Water.

Glen says free home delivery service is also being offered to customers.

Both Your Dollar Store With More and Alliance Coffee and Water say they'll continue to operate this way as long as its necessary.