SUDBURY -- Businesses are changing up the messaging in their TV commercials to acknowledge these challenging times.

Campeau Heating in Sudbury has made a new commercial addressing these difficult times.

Owner, Jack Campeau says the main message he is trying to get across in his latest commercial is that "we are all in this together." 

"When the crisis started a couple of weeks ago, we were definitely concerned…To try to get the community to understand that we're all in this as a team, we're together, we're part of a family together and I wanted them to understand that we're still out there to help our customers but in a limited way," said Campeau. 

Business experts say some companies are spot on with their new advertisements.

"Campeau…I was really impressed with his message but were seeing A&W who are thanking everybody from health care, to truck drivers, you have hotels dot com that are saying "stay at home" and their reviews are starting to take a hit yet they're still trying to say that we're in this together," said Brian Vendramin, Cambrian College business professor.

Vendramin says some companies just don't seem to have the vision to change their strategies during these difficult times. 

"I think if you're not pivoting your messages to show some empathy in what your company is doing, you're lost…This country is not doing anything right now, we're just trying to care for each other. So, if you have a message that is caring and you can back that up with what you're doing. You're winning," said Vendramin.

For Vendramin, it's not only businesses that are changing their advertising but also that consumers are changing their habits.

Whether they are ordering online or using different payment options, he says this pandemic has brought a whole new set of rules to the market place.