SAULT STE. MARIE -- With COVID-19 forcing the cancellation of many events already this year, it's become increasingly rare to find events that continue without a hitch.

But one of those events is the annual Bruce Mines "Run Around the Bay," which organizers say will go ahead as planned next month, instead of hosting a virtual run.

"There's still some time to figure out what restrictions we may need to use in order to make this event as safe as possible," said organizer Lexie Lajambe.

"We're thinking one possibility might be staggered starts instead of the regular start out the gate, to give that extra bit of space."

Lajambe says the province's move into stage three of reopening and a confirmed total COVID-19 cases in the Algoma district, helped factor into going ahead with the race this year.

"Ideally, we'd like to have more locals come out this year than in years previous, but it will certainly give you an opportunity to run a new course that is really pretty, but not one that many people know about."

So far, she says forty participants have registered with just over a month to go, leaving just sixty more spots open.

"I'm honestly really excited to finally get to run a real race again," said Sharon Seeler, runner and a Bruce Mines local.

"There's nothing quite like that competitiveness you get with others around you!"

Seeler says she tries to get out to local runs every year, but has been forced into participating in virtual runs as events were cancelled.

"Of course, I love helping out and raising the money, that's what it's all about," she said.

"But you just really grow to miss having others run with you, so I'm very happy with this decision."

Registration is still open for those wanting to participate, which you can do by visiting the Bruce Mines "Run Around The Bay" Facebook page.