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Bruce Mines alpaca farm under new management


For nearly 20 years, Meadowview Alpaca Farm in Bruce Mines was under the watchful eye of Robert and Denise Martel. Now, the farm is under the care of a family from southern Ontario after purchasing it in October.

The Veermans - Patrick, Terri, Jayda, and Gabby - are the proud owners of the popular tourist attraction.  Their journey from London, Ont., to Bruce Mines began as just passing through.

"While I was at work, (Terri) sent me a link to an MLS and said, 'Hey, what about an alpaca farm?' says Patrick. "And I just kind of laughed and said, 'You're funny.'"

However, once the idea was planted, Patrick says it began to grow.

"The more we got thinking about it the more we thought maybe moving a little bit north is not a bad idea," he said.

The Veermans arrived in Bruce Mines last month, and they say they've been on the go ever since.

"The community is great (and) we're looking forward to meeting more people," Terri Veerman said. "It's been pretty hands-on here. We haven't had a chance to get out and meet a lot of people, but we're at the markets and meeting people there. So that's been fun."

Terri and Patrick said their daughters, Jayda and Gabby, have already taken to the alpacas. While there are parts of their old lives in London that they miss, the Veermans say they're happy with their decision to move.

"Having a lot of land and being able to just walk down to the lake and not have to drive anywhere," Jayda said, while Gabby adds she loves hanging out with the Alpacas.

The Veermans said they intend to maintain Meadowview Alpaca Farm as an all-season operation, and that tours can be arranged throughout the winter. Top Stories

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